How to make a rose with fondant

This week I attended an amazing workshop of cake decorating facilitated by  Danielle Gotheridge, a self-taught and extremely talented baker. She runs a tiny but very successful cake shop you should check up her website and be amazed by her creations!

She taught us how to handle fondant -which can be a real b**th if you’re not careful- and I made this amazing cake using the “wrap” technique, edible paint and fondant modelling. Cool eh?


But this post is to only to show off my awesome cake but to show you how I made those beautiful roses on the cake! So here’s the “step-by-step” of the process:

1. Get some fondant. You can dye it the colour you want or buy it already coloured -which makes things easier and faster. If you decide to dye it the best you can use is edible gel-colouring, Wilton makes a very good one. Add the colouring little by little as you knead the fondant until you get the desired colour intensity.

Rose (1)

2. Make little balls out of fondant rolling pinches of fondant between your hands. The size of the balls depends on how big you want the roses, you will have to do it by eye…

Rose (2)

3. Press one side of the ball and roll it on your hand to make a tear-drop shape. You will need to make 7 of them -if you  make them small- for every rose, or 9 if bigger. You can even make more but always an odd number, they will be the petals of your rose.

Rose (3)

4. Once you’ve got them all place them on a punched pocket. Yes, you’ve heard right, you need to cut open an A4 punch pocket, to do so cut out the punched side and the bottom bit so you will be able to open the pocket but it still holds from one side (see picture below) Place all your petals on one side of the plastic – you will have to squash them so make sure you separate them enough to they won’t stick together. Fold the other half of the pocket over the petals.

Rose (4)

5. From the centre of every petal press and slide your index finger towards the round bit of the petal to make the edges thinner. Do the centre first, then press to the right and then to the left. But make sure you don’t press down the pointy bit, this needs to stay thick to hold the weight of the rose.

Rose (5)

6. Open the pocket, take the smallest petal and roll it on your palm

Rose (6)

7. Take another petal and wrap it around the first one offsetting the edges.

Rose (7)

8. Carry on doing that with all the petals and press all the tips at the bottom of your rose so they will stuck together.

Rose (8)

9. To finish off the rose slightly pinch the edges of each petal to give it a more natural look. And it’s ready to decorate any cupcake or cake!

Rose (9)

Hope you find this helpful I love making these roses the look so pretty!