Tank Cake

This post is just to show off my latest creation, a not ordinary birthday cake that I am very proud of as it took me hours of baking and decorating.

This birthday cake was for someone who is really into tanks and I decided to bake him a gionormus Tank Cake! To do that I baked 3 different cakes. I made two types of cake mix; chocolate and vanilla. I separated the vanilla mix and dyed half of it green so when I mix the 3 colours together they would look like a camouflage pattern.


I stacked up the 3 cakes and shaped them with a bread knife until I got the tank shape I wanted. Then I covered all the cakes with vanilla butter cream dyed green.


Next I added the wheels (Oreo) and the tracks covering the wheels (Kit-Kat)


Next step was to add some extra details like the gun, the drivers optics, the hatch and a log (Flakes) on each side. I piped some bolts and rims to finish it off. I also added crushed Digestive biscuits at the bottom of the tray to make it look like sand and that was the result:





I am quite happy with the results and the “birthday boy” was astonished with it, so much that he didn’t want to eat it! What do you think of it?


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