Cake in a mug

This is possibly the most devilish thing I can show you… It’s a super-fast recipe for when you are craving chocolate but you don’t want to bake a whole cake and blame yourself for the rest of the week

Ingredients: 1egg, 4 tbls sugar, 4 tbls flour, 4 tbls cocoa powder, 3 tbls vegetable oil, 2 tbls milk, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 1 tsp rising powder

You just need to mix all the ingredients together very well in a mug (a big one) and cook in in the microwave for 3min (700w) or 2:30 (800w). You will see it raising up from the mug as if it had life of its own, but don’t be scared, it’ll still taste awesome.

Eat it while still warm for luxurious velvety texture and have it with vanilla ice cream or double cream to make it an even better treat. Enjoy!



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