Storage of wrapping paper

I saw this idea somewhere and thought it could be worth sharing.

Use wire to hold the rolls of wrapping paper on the ceiling of the closet, instead of taking up floor space. You just need to drill four holes on the top walls of our closet to hold the rolls against the ceiling. You can also use strong fishing wire and pins if you don’t want to drill on the walls or your closet is made out of wood.


Another trick to keep them tidy is to use old toilet paper rolls to keep them from unravelling. Just cut empty toilet rolls lengthwise up the middle and wrap them around the wrapping paper roll. You’ll instantly have a simple, low-cost clasp to keep the rolls from unravelling.



Quick removal of the stem of strawberries

Spring is coming and the weather is asking for lighter desserts and treats like juicy fruit. I love strawberries but they’re a real pain to clean and sometimes when I can’t be bothered I end up wasting half of the fruit while cutting off their stem. Well those days are over, I found this trick to have them ready easily and with minimal waste.

After thoroughly rinsing your strawberries under cool water insert a plastic straw from the bottom of the fruit to the top making sure you go through the centre of the strawberry, push the straw up until it comes out from the top neatly removing its stem and leaves.


How to fold a fitted sheet

Hi there! Are you, like me to do your best trying to fold those damn annoying fitted sheets and losing the battle every time? Well that war is over, try this system to fold them quickly and neatly. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it has saved me a lot of time and despair. Follow the steps on the image below and get ready to scream “Oh yes!”