Valira Nomad Executive Review

Today I was looking for new recipes to use in bento boxes and I came across this review of the Valira Lunch Bag Nomad Satin Executive Maxi Hard Case in Black. I just wanted to share this great review with you and if you happen to be looking for a lunch box I would absolutely recommend this one.

I have an older model of the Valira Nomad Luch Bag (it’s soft case) I have been using it for over 5 years and it’s still in perfect condition. It’s got a very handy outside pocket where I keep my travel tooth brush and toothpaste. It’s important to brush your teeth after meals even if you’re not home!

IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117

As I mentioned before I have been using my lunch bag for over 5 years now, using it every now and then. The containers are still in perfect condition, the inside of the bag is super easy to clean, the outside fabric of mine has some small stains that I couldn’t get rid of (I guess oil or grease…) but I imagine that the new hard case one won’t have this problem.

This lunch bag is really handy if you work all day away from home (doesn’t need to be in an office!) and even if it is quite pricey to start with (mine was a present from my dear mum so I can’t complain) it has saved me a lot of money on meals. The £3 Tesco Meal-deal is not such a deal if you have to buy it 5 days a week and is not too healthy either if you have it very day.

See my lunch bag below with all the different possible combinations I have used it for. I got this blue Sistema Sandwich Box for when I don’t have time to prepare a proper lunch and have to settle with a sandwich. This sandwich box spares the use of tinfoil helping to reduce waste and it also protects the sandwich from being squashed by the other containers or flask that I also put in the lunch bag.

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I also got this fork/spoon/knife all-in-one from a store specialised in outdoor sports and camping, it came in a pack of 4 so I’ve got spare ones just on case… It’s fairly comfortable to use and I only have to carry one piece of cutlery that can be used for cutting food and eating soup. The knife works well through soft food and tender meat but don’t expect to be cutting blue steaks with it, they’re only made of plastic at the end of the day…

IMG_1125 IMG_1126

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know it has nothing to do with baking but it’s kind of DIY regarding making your own lunch to take to work. It is also a really good environment-friendly option as you don’t have to use tinfoil or any kind of packaging, and you won’t be contributing to the production of any more waste buying pre-packed meals from the supermarket. It is also a healthier meal option as you can cook whatever food you want and safely store it in the airtight and drip-safe containers; from salad, vegetables and rice to soup or juicy fruit salad! If you don’t have access to a microwave or fridge at work don’t worry because this lunch box will preserve your meal hot or cold for several hours until lunch break.

It is lunch time now for me. I will post again soon!


I recently received a Valira Lunch Bag Nomad Satin Executive Maxi Hard Case in Black from Baytree Cookware to review.


Upon opening the packaging I was instantly impressed with the quality and look of the product!

This lunch set would be perfect for adults with office jobs or who have to have a smart appearance at work, sometimes a Hello Kitty bento bag just doesn’t go with a suit!

Anyway, onto the review!!!

Cost: 4/5

Somewhat more expensive than other bento boxes at £42.95, you have to remember this isn’t just a bento box but a full lunch set, also the Valira boxes are made of from a ceramic composite that allows the boxes to be used in the freezer, microwave and the oven!!

This makes them extremely sturdy, so much so if you wanted to park your car on them you could, as shown here.

While a luxury…

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