Scarf hanger

Are you like me and have a different scarf for each day of the year? If so I’m happy to share this trick with you. I’ve been using this for years and it’s a great way to keep your scarves tidy, organised and free of creases without taking up much space in your wardrobe. Let’s start!

You will need

A coat hanger (make sure it’s resistant, I’m using a wooden one)

Shower hooks


Let’s put it together

It’s as easy as putting each hook around the bar of the hanger. Use as many hooks as scarves you want to hang.


Then you just need to put the scarves through each hook, you can tie a loose knot to ensure they won’t slip (I do that with silk scarves) or just let them hang.


And voilà! Here you have all your scarves perfectly organised! I have at least 3 of these scarf hangers in my wardrobe and they are so easy to keep tidy. Hope this helps!



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