Make your own cookie cutters

I can’t believe I never thought of that!

Cookie cutters sometimes are so ridiculously expensive that you want to think it twice before buying a design that you might only use once a year… Well, this is the solution to our problems my friends!

You will need:

A can of larger (who hasn’t got one of those around?) or any other drink, but lager cans tend to be taller therefore you’ll get more cutters out of it.

A pair of kitchen scissors.

Super glue and maybe some electrical tape.

And here’s the process!

1. First of all you need to wash your can thoroughly. 


2. For this step you might want to use garden gloves or any other kind of protection for your hands as tin can cut really easily through your skin. So proceed to cutting the top and bottom of the can, very carefully!


3. Then cut the rest of the can in even stripes.


4. Now you just need mold the stripes into the shapes you desire (down side is that you can’t really make any crazy shapes so you want to keep it simple) To tie the ends together you can either use super glue or electrical tape. You can also tape all around one of the edges of the cutter so you won’t cut yourself when pressing the cutter onto the though.


5. And now you just need to use your cutters to get your desired cookies! 


Steps 6+7 cook and enjoy!

6 7


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