Tank Cake

It’s September and my partner’s birthday is getting close… I usually bake him a massive cake to celebrate it but I have no idea what to bake this year. He likes tanks and anything WWI and WWII related so last year I made a huge tank cake. I want to share it with you as it’s a pride and joy of mine.

For the ingredients I just baked 2 recipes of vanilla sponge cakes and 1 chocolate sponge.

I had the idea to create a sort of camo pattern cake so I separated the vanilla cake mix in two and added some green food coloring to one half. That gave me 3 colors to work with: natural sponge cake, colored green and the brown of the chocolate cake.

I baked 3 sponges using 3 different cake tins. The large rectangular one will be the base, the big round will be the body and the small round will be the top. 


Once the cakes cooled down I piled them up sticking them with buttercream and proceeded to cut the shape of a tank. Once I finished cutting bits off (and eating them) I covered it all with green buttercream. It looked like this:


I added some Oreo biscuits to create the wheels of the tank and Kit-kat bars to create the tracks covering the tank wheels. I think they look really good!


I added some more cookies and other biscuits to add more detail and then I piped on hinges, bolts, plaques and other details with butterceam to make it look more “real”

PICT0204 PICT0206

And here is the result!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I crushed half a pack of digestive biscuits to create the sand underneath the tank and I forgot to take a picture of it but I also bought green plastic soldiers to put all around the tank as a decoration. Ta dah!

PICT0208 PICT0209 PICT0211


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